For Assistance, Please Contact LOTH Logistics or Call (877) 757-3030.

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Correct NMFC numbers and freight class must be populated on all Bills of Ladings (B/L) in order for LOTH Logistics to ensure accurate billing and dispute resolution for invoice discrepancies with carriers. If this information is not listed on the bill of lading, or populated incorrectly, and the carrier invoices at a class other than what was on the B/L we will not be able to dispute the resulting charges. For assistance please contact LOTH Logistics by email at or phone (877) 757-3030.

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  • Any shipment over 5,000 lbs or requiring more than 8 linear feet of trailer space, please call (877) 757-3030 for an accurate quote.

  • When receiving freight, please check for damage defects before signing the delivery receipt. Damage must be noted on the delivery receipt for a claim to be filed.

  • Service days are estimated by the carrier. For guaranteed or expedited deliveries, please contact for a quote

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