A resounding question on the minds of business professionals these days is how to survive the continuing economic turmoil and provide value to their customers. Companies are struggling to keep employees on payrolls and certainly looking to recover savings to their bottom line. One thing that can never be taken for granted is the value of a positive customer experience. When it comes to your relationship with your 3PL, cost savings are always part of the equation; but often the relationship remains shallow and a true partnership never culminates into a lasting constructive customer experience. As businesses look for ways to reduce cost to offset challenging financial results, an experienced 3PL should certainly take note that providing a positive experience is now more important than ever.

If there is one thing we have realized over the past few weeks, its that we cannot control the macro economy that will be in perpetual recovery mode as we move to reopen our companies in a safe and responsible manner. Fortunately, for customers who have partnered with a 3PL that values relationships as much as controlling operational costs, the foreseeable future is certainly more hopeful. Below are some ways LOTH Logistics is working to keep customers pleased while reducing operational overhead in the process.

Priority #1: Establishing a priority for soliciting customer feedback and sentiment
Every third-party logistics professional knows the importance of being “customer-centric”. LOTH Logistics understands one of the most efficient ways to operate a customer centric brokerage is to actively solicit and prioritize customer feedback. It is certainly not enough to just espouse being customer centric as every 3PL does that. It is more important to truly demonstrate a genuine interest in the success our customer’s supply chain.

Priority #2: A true commitment to transparency and efficiency
One of the most neglected parts of the customer experience is how customers can receive support or have their questions answered quickly. LOTH Logistics customers frequently have issues related to order processing, shipment status, invoice accuracy and other basic operations. We exist to serve and work diligently to secure relevant information for our valued customers. More importantly, we act as an Inbound Call Center by serving as a liaison between suppliers and vendors and the needs of our customers. We make the complex simple and the tedious repetition of ordering raw materials flow with precision.

If your business is looking to improve your overall customer experience and ensure end-to-end solutions for your supply chain, LOTH Logistics would love the opportunity to create a lasting partnership. Now more than ever, you need a 3PL partner truly interested in doing what it takes to make your positive customer experience a lasting reality. For more information on how we can achieve this for your company – connect with us now!