“In Life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital” Warren G. Bennis

What a difference a few weeks makes. At the beginning of March, we were experiencing a burgeoning economy, full employment and unprecedented economic growth planned for the months ahead. Within a matter of days, supply chains have been disrupted, employees are largely working from home and questions are mounting as we face an invisible virus that has forever changed how we live our daily lives and handle the needs of our business. Although definitive answers seem distant, we will get through this as a nation; but, what does that mean for us as we ponder the future?

Many of our customers and potential clients have communicated one of two scenarios. A substantial uptick in business due to being deemed essential or experiencing a looming reduction in workforce due to economic factors outside of their control. As we move forward, the current reality should lead us to evaluate whether we remain consistent in our current business practices or do we consider alternative options? As it relates to transportation and supply chain decisions, are you aligned with a true partner working to control cost, streamline decision-making and ensure you’re positioned well for the future?

With COVID-19 affecting every state in the US and regions in Canada, many companies have resigned to furloughing employees due to social distancing and economic realities. As a result, thoughts concerning your supply chain and decisions regarding transportation may seem a distant priority, but now is the perfect time to make strategic decisions to ensure your company’s viability and competitiveness remain intact.

If you’ve ever considered partnering with a 3PL, now is the perfect time to determine untapped opportunities in cost-reduction and streamlined decision-making. Working in collaboration with a competent 3PL can help you satisfy your current customers to a greater degree, help attract new business and add bottom line revenue to your balance sheet. LOTH Logistics is ready to help you explore this opportunity and truly partner with your business as it pertains to your supply chain. Don’t let your business succumb to hesitation in exploring ways to help you position you for the turbulent times ahead.

What once seemed impossible to imagine is happening in front of us. It’s how we choose to respond to these changes that will define our future. Do you invest now, or do you wait for more certainty? Change before you must and empower your future. Change can be intimidating; but, staying the same can be worse. LOTH Logistics can help your business embrace the necessary change you’ll need to consider and face the uncertainties together. For more information on how we can help, submit a contact request or call  877.757.3030