A few years ago, a mid-sized manufacturer reached out to LOTH Logistics to provide an analysis of their Supply Chain. The assigned decision-maker believed their rates were already quite competitive and felt like our assessment would confirm as much. From the start we were committed to following the data which would tell the story. No sales spin or arm-twisting, just and honest and transparent evaluation of the current state of the company as it related to transportation. After securing the necessary information, LOTH Logistics provided the analysis and presented our findings. Much to the surprise of the company, the current pricing in place with carriers was roughly 30% higher than what market conditions dictated. We had their attention.

“How was this possible?” we were asked. The decision-maker was convinced his pricing was extremely aggressive due to their sizable spend with national and regional carriers. We stated the current spend in simple terms of cost per pound and then revealed what a future-state cost per pound would look like if given the chance to partner with them. We were granted the opportunity. In just over three short years, LOTH Logistics has managed to help our client add over 1.2 million dollars to their bottom line.

The cost reduction and realized savings alone are worthy of significant hype; but LOTH Logistics was not satisfied with just reducing invoice cost. We wanted more for our client and took a deeper dive into their Supply Chain. We were able to streamline their invoicing process saving them countless hours of reconciliation as well as serving as their inbound call center for their extensive list of vendors and suppliers. These are just some of the benefits we afford our valued customers when partnering with us.

What can LOTH Logistics do for your company? We will always follow the data and provide a detailed analysis of our findings. Sometimes we instruct would-be clients to continue doing the same thing because their costs are in line with market competitiveness; but, most of the time we determine significant opportunities for savings and realization of a streamlined supply chain. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving us a call. We are here to help with our extensive experience and deliverable results.

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