LOTH Logistics, formerly known as OptiVia Logistics, is a third-party logistics solutions provider and your trusted partner in optimizing your supply chain. Our experienced team’s knowledge and experience within the transportation industry allow us to provide a robust variety of services for our customer’s shipping needs.

Our services have generated many success stories in transportation management, warehouse distribution, freight brokerage, supply chain consulting and parcel negotiation. Our goals are simple: to apply a consultative approach to the solutions we offer, increase cost savings, provide peace of mind and enhance customer service for our clients.

Here’s more about LOTH Logistics and why you should choose LOTH for all your transportation needs:

Consultative approach

At LOTH Logistics, we understand that every customer’s transportation and shipping needs are different, so we provide tailored solutions to service the specific needs of our clients. Our entrepreneurial approach to business, problem solving and experimentation with different solutions is what makes us the fastest-growing division of LOTH. We’ve expanded at a rate of 477 percent, tripled our staff size and developed a nationwide presence in just three years.

Cost Savings

LOTH Logistics values our customers and offers reasonable rates for all services. Our goals are to drive down costs while improving service and ultimately increase the profitability of our client’s business. Our web-based transportation management system has led companies to realize a reduction in rates and generate reports to monitor and measure efficiencies and spending.

Peace of Mind

In addition to saving costs, we increase efficiency by having the fastest shipping services available without sacrificing quality or the safe transportation of your assets. With nearly a quarter of a million square feet of storage space available, the LOTH Logistics’ Warehousing and Distribution Service offers a secure facility that ensures our customers’ property is safe for short- and long-term storage. This provides peace of mind to our customers.

Customer Service

LOTH Logistics isn’t just a third-party logistics provider. We strive to deliver the level of customer service that our clients would get from an in-house logistics department. Our senior-level management team of transport specialists ensures quality control through every phase of a project. From the initial freight analysis, scheduling and monitoring the process through delivery, our web-based technology provides a unique customer service experience. This allows customers to view their inventory in real-time.

Get in Touch

To learn more about how LOTH Logistics can help with your transportation and shipping needs, or to request a quote, contact us via email at info@lothlogitics.com or call 877-757-3030 to speak to a company representative. And sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for our latest tips and updates!

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