LOTH Logistics serves many industries including consumer goods for various services such as transportation management, warehouse distribution, freight brokerage, supply chain consulting and parcel negotiation solutions. As we saw with a consumer goods client who needed an inventory management solution, we also provided a solution for a consumer goods client in need of assistance with an internal parcel problem. Here’s how LOTH Logistics was able to give the client a new pricing agreement, which ended up saving them 10 to 12 percent during a three-year period compared to their previous agreement rate:

Understanding the client

A consumer-goods client based in Sharonville, OH had a new leadership team based in Washington, D.C. who realized their current parcel services agreement was about to expire, and their small staff did not have enough information, previous billing records or experience to negotiate a new, effective and cost-saving agreement.

Analyzing the problem

After gaining a basic understanding of the current situation of the consumer goods client, LOTH Logistics subject matter experts met with the client’s D.C. leadership to understand the current state of the situation in further detail, which included sharing the historical small parcel invoicing details from their current agreement and previous negotiations.

Developing Solutions

After gaining in-depth knowledge about the consumer goods client and analyzing their challenges, LOTH Logistics used proprietary software to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s small parcel spend, which provided us with feedback on initial proposals and how they compared to the client’s current parcel agreement. We then created a new agreement for the client.

Obtaining Results

LOTH Logistics doesn’t stop working with our clients after developing their solutions; we make sure that we are able to use data to show the results. In order to track the results of their savings, we received detailed weekly reports from them. We found that over a three-year period, the client saved 10 to 12 percent based on the agreement we created for them in comparison to the one they previously had in place.

Partner with LOTH Logistics

Through our consultative approach to understanding each client’s unique needs and using the experience of our senior-level customer service team, we are able to save costs, provide peace of mind and get proven results. If you want to learn more about how LOTH Logistics can help with your transportation management, warehouse distribution, freight brokerage, supply chain or parcel negotiation needs, get in touch by contacting us through our website, calling 877-757-3030 or sending us an email at info@lothlogistics.com.

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