As a trusted partner for third-party logistics solutions that provide transportation optimization services to many industries, LOTH Logistics recently partnered with a consumer goods distributor based in Connecticut that went through an acquisition and was presented with many structural and organizational challenges. As we see with many company mergers, these challenges included lack of space, resources and an organized roadmap. But through this partnership, we were ultimately able to increase this client’s inventory accuracy by 99.9 percent. Here’s how:

Understanding the challenges

Whether a client needs transportation management, warehouse distribution, freight brokerage, supply chain consulting or parcel negotiation solutions, one of LOTH Logistics’ biggest strengths is our ability to provide a consultative approach to the solutions we offer by first learning more about a client’s problems so that we can implement ironclad solutions. We learned that after a corporation acquisition of a North American distribution rights center, this consumer goods company’s distribution facilities were full, and leadership needed a quick, large-facility move despite the lack of space.

Conducting a discovery process

The next step that LOTH Logistics takes after fully understanding a client’s problem is to complete a discovery process so that we can create an action plan. After meeting with the executives and the distribution leadership team and visiting the facility to better understand its layout and network infrastructure, LOTH Logistics developed projected inbound and outbound throughput, which included space and labor requirements so the consumer goods company could plan their budgets for the project.

Creating and implementing a tailored approach

Now that we fully understood the challenges, we were able to create and implement a strategy for this client. With a customized warehouse facility layout to fit product type and throughput projections, we designed a virtual warehouse utilizing the client’s own software, which reduced training time, accelerated implementation and saved on overall project costs.

Getting proven results

The final step that LOTH Logistics takes with all of our clients is ensuring that we have proven, measurable results. Although this client was concerned about time management and inventory tracking, we were able to implement 100 percent same-day shipments and inventory accuracy of 99.9 percent. In addition, our solution allowed the client to expand operations and service relationships.

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