Keeping pace with the rate of change confronting Supply Chains is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations are faced with maintaining outdated technology for management and procurement or tasked with evaluating expensive Transportation Management System programs promising streamlined decision-making and automation of processes. Add in the high demand for accurately forecasting customer demand and its easy to see why managers are looking for things to make their jobs more efficient.

Supply Chains are always looking to enlist more suppliers for their procurement and manufacturing needs. Stability and cost control can lead to increased business and more customers. Consequently, keeping costs in line with respect to logistics and going to market are of paramount importance. Alignment with inadequate planning and outdated logistical capabilities only further complicates the process and siphons revenue from the bottom line. That is why partnering with a good 3rd Party with logistical expertise can certainly help; but that begs the question, “What would be the cost of doing nothing?”

Since companies are working with a growing list of vendors, the ability to coordinate various data sources and make subsequent business decisions can prove complicated. Some utilize current technology while others adhere to labor-intensive systems that mostly rely on phone calls and emails. Companies that cannot adapt and provide real-time information run the risk of losing out on business as information gaps pose real challenges. This is where a competent 3rd Party Logistics partner can automate processes and provide real-time information upon which drives positive business results.

LOTH Logistics certainly understands the aversion to embracing new technology and assistance from an outside source. Giving up control is tough for most but can prove beneficial if your business aligns with the right partner. We work diligently and methodically via a Project Plan that is both doable, verifiable and at a pace with which you are comfortable. We are interested in establishing a long-term partnership and not a short-term quick-fix remedy that does not address the needs or your organization. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by enlisting LOTH Logistics to provide analysis of your current Supply Chain. We pride ourselves on transparency and will make recommendations for a better future state that truly serves your interests.

What is the cost of doing nothing? It could lead to managed decline or even prove catastrophic. Let LOTH Logistics show you how partnering with Supply Chain experts can truly improve your business for your customers and bottom line.